Monday, June 9, 2008

Here's some Bee movie matte paintings I did with help from Eric Bouffard (great DW matte painter). All those circle/hexagons on the back wall of the bee hive had to be painted on as lighting couldn't handle it. We had to paint them in perspective too...uh, I shudder even thinking about it. Looks good though! The last one was a lock off of Barry's apartment. I had to get the walls looking like wax.


Bob MacNeil said...


I just wanted to extend my compliments on your work. Very inspirational!

Bob MacNeil

Michael Inman said...

Great work!

fedeWES said...

your work is awesome, compliments!
You create these matte paintings in photoshop or you also use 3Dsoftwares?

Compliments and greetings from italy

Shaun Greetham said...

I would just like to say that you are a very clever person Paul & have come a long way since doing that lottery advertisement with the tennis ball stretched through the net in Adalaide Oz :)

Sam said...

Just found your blog. Really nice work!!

Paul Duncan said...

Thankyou everyone for the nice words!